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Floppy Whoop 6.5


Image of Floppy Whoop 6.5
  • Image of Floppy Whoop 6.5

After a pile of prototypes, I was able to get a 3D printed Tiny Whoop frame that is comparable in weight to the stock Inductrix frame.

Flight video is in the works.

The frame is offered in fluorescent yellow PLA/PHA, which is a highly durable material, see the examples below. If the interest is strong enough I'll offer it in other colors. This material is double the cost of regular PLA.

I recommend a small dab of Zap Goo or similar to ensure the motors stay put. Also, I think the dipole antenna is a better option for the VTX, as the whole assembly sits pretty low.

While I would love for you to buy one from me, I'm offering the STL on Thingiverse. I'd LOVE a shout out and referral to this page, if you post your build online!! I welcome all feedback on how to make this design better. Here is the link:

Project objectives:

-Provide only moderate prop protection (i.e. lose the the ducts)
-Support, at a minimum, the stock Inductrix and the BeeBrain flight controllers
-Require no supports during printing
-Provide reasonable durability compared to the stock Inductrix frame

One of the keys to durability is the use of PLA/PHA filament. Checkout this video that really illustrates the performance of this material:

Here is a simple demonstration of the Floppy Whoop flexibility: